Digital Signage player choices, but AOpen are not quite right

The recent article by AOpen on RavePubs prompted me to post the following reply:

Since 1997 I have watched the digital signage industry move from PC, to non-PC (IAdea, BrightSign, Dension) to no-PC (Samsung SOC), and with our agnostic approach to all hardware, we have embraced and integrated our Signagelive platform with every viable media device.

We are at the point in our industry where; what once required a high-end PC, can now be delivered on a single chip integrated into a display. The momentum behind SoC and other non-PC devices will continue to gather pace and over the coming months and years, the need for expensive PCs will be eradicated for all but the most complex digital signage application.

As the lead software company embracing the Samsung Smart Signage Platform and their SoC Displays, I would like to state that SoC is not just limited to simple/basic signage. Our support for the Samsung SoC Displays replicates 100% of what we can do on a PC including; 1080p video, IPTV, dynamic HTML5 content, multi-zone layouts and full device monitor and control.

SoC offers the first true costs effective ‘out of the box’ digital signage solution, suitable for the vast majority of applications. For those who would rather have an external player for ease of maintenance (although Samsung provide a 3 year global swap-out warranty), then there is an extensive range of non-PC devices available that are equal if not more capable than a PC.

2 thoughts on “Digital Signage player choices, but AOpen are not quite right

  1. Jason: How well does the SoC and similar displays technologies do now or in the future support analytics software/hardware like the Intel AIM suite. Can a USB camera be plugged directly into a Samsung display or will there be a built-in cameras sensors that will require an additional chip in the future?

    • Thanks for your comment Hussain, the current SoC Display range does not have support for external USB devices or onboard processing of video analytics. However, we are working with several companies who are now able to replicate on a single chip, the video analytics of Intel AIM and other solutions that require powerful PCs to run their applications.

      This is an exciting development that will bring Anonymous Video Analytics to the mass market and something that I will post about in the future, when the solution is ready for market.

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