Silver Curve serves up digital signage Pi

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In his video, Bryan Crotaz of Silver Curve explains how he has taken a Raspberry Pi micro-computer and developed it into a powerful, PC beating digital signage player. Recently reported by Dave Haynes on Sixteen:nine, I have been aware of the work by Bryan and his team since February when I met with Bryan at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas on the MediaVue booth to discuss the Aperture project and see the solution in action. MediaVue are one of the first hardware manufacturers to build a commercial device based on Aperture, named the SureView D1.

My first impression, was that I was won-over with the quality of the content playback and in particular the smoothness of the scrolling text and general text animations. I had reservations about the viability of using the Raspberry Pi as a robust platform for unattended 24/7 digital signage, but after quizzing Bryan and MediaVue, my fears were allayed and interest heightened. You can view a Rave Publications video here of Erik from MediaVue and Bryan demonstrating the SureView D1 at DSE.

Aperture has been developed to maximise the graphical processing power of the Raspberry Pi, equal to the Microsoft Xbox, whilst at the same time, compensating for the rather poor Intel Pentium performance of the CPU. The resulting intelligent operating system that Aperture delivers, enables advanced data driven, 60 frames per second animations and video to be displayed, only previously possible using a very high-end and expensive PC.

You may notice in Bryan’s video, the Signagelive logo appears alongside others as a planned supported Content Management System for the Aperture offering. We are interested in providing support for Aperture through our Signagelive Player API and whilst it is early days, we are confident that we can come up with a great combined solution in the near future.

As covered in my earlier post, the emergence of both non-PC and no-PC digital signage devices is having a major impact on the legacy PC based market, and the addition of a range of Aperture powered Raspberry Pi devices, will further accelerate reduce the cost of deploying digital signage and in doing so, accelerate adoption and growth.


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