About me

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As some you you may know, I have been involved in the digital signage sector since 1994 when I formed my original company, which after several twists and turns evolved into Signagelive.com

I lead a dedicated, talented team in Saffron Walden UK, Chicago and Singapore and between us; we market, sell and support our digital signage platform globally, with several thousand customers in 37 countries (and counting).

I am an active contributor to articles and posts on the leading digital signage blogs including  DailyDOOHDigital Signage Today and Sixteen:Nine, in addition to helping our team to keep our Signagelive Blog updated with the all the latest product and customer case studies.

So why after many years have I embarked on this blog? I want to share with you my thoughts and opinions on a range of digital signage related topics, some will be covered by the digital signage blogs and press, but many will be my own observations and views.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time.

Kind Regards